Where Solar really Matters

With staggering over 1.5 billion people having no access to electricity, this greatly limits their productivity and deteriorates health and safety due to the reliance on kerosine and diesel fuel. Hence there is no better place and time for the use of Offgrid Solar to bring light to these parts of the world. Just a tiny fraction of our typical 2-3kW panel capacity in our comfortable first world residential roof coupled with a few storage components can transform a third world village to improve education for children , healthcare, economy, sustaining environment and the list goes on.

Solar Matters was established with the mission of channeling part of our local profit to bring light to where it matters most. Some charitable projects that we have completed through partnership with HOPE Worldwide Australia and Energy Matters include lighting up a community shed and a new traditional housing for nurses in the remote Cimbu province of Papua New Guinea. In Melbourne through our local contacts with the Chin and Karen refugees, we are honored to sponsor them the standalone lighting kits that will replace the kerosine light in their remote village / camp in the Chin Province and near the Thai border.

In 2017, we are looking forward to contribute in the solar program for a school in Pursat Province in Cambodia in partnership with Xuice. Please support their worthy campaign to sponsor food for the school children who are suffering from malnutrition. Stay tuned.