Where Solar really Matters

A staggering 1 billion people have little or no access to electricity in the postmodern world. Aside from limited productivity,  health and safety are implicated due to the reliance on kerosine and diesel fuel. There is no better place and time for the use of Off-grid Solar system to bring light to these parts of the world. Just a fraction of our typical 3-6kW panel capacity on our comfortable first world residential roof coupled with a few storage components can transform a third world village to improve education for children , healthcare, economy, sustaining environment and the list goes on.

Solar Matters was established with a mission to channel part of our revenue to bring light to where it matters most. Followings are our charitable project highlights many thanks to  all whom had supported our business !

2016 – In partnership with HOPE Worldwide Australia and Energy Matters,  two Off-grid systems were installed for a community shed and a new traditional housing for nurses in the remote Cimbu province of Papua New Guinea. Another standaalone system was installed at the Nine Miles Clinic in Port Moresby to backup a fridge for medicine.

2017 – Through our local contacts with the Chin and Karen refugees in Melbourne, we were honored to sponsor a standalone lighting kit that would replace the kerosine light in their remote village back in the Chin Province of Myanmar.

2018 – Working with a charitable organization called Xuice in Singapore, a Victron solar kit was shipped to Pursat Province in Cambodia to power up lighting and fan in a library of a rural primary school.

2019 – A new battery bank was channeled thru Hope Worldwide PNG to replace the aged battery in the housing for nurses back in the Cimbu province, PNG.

2020 – Two Victron inverters were donated to Guy Dwyer who is an Off-grid installer around Cooma, NSW to help set up emergency standalone system for the bush fire victims.

2021 – 3 units of oxygen concentrator fund channeled to Hope Worldwide Indonesia to support the communities in need during the Covid pandemic. Part of the funding came from the members of the Perth Church of Christ.

2022 – We continue to divert our community support from energy to pandemic related need in Malaysia and Myanmar.  Funding of the food distribution program were channeled via Hope Worldwide Malaysia and via our local Karen community contact in Australia.